So to begin

This site runs on Gitlab Pages or that was the case until now

Why change it?

Gitlab Pages is impressive, they give you for free a place to run your SSG site without problems
but all infrastructure fails sometimes gitlab others GCP infrastructure changes
I have to say for the last past 2 years only 5 times the site was down!? I don’t remember exactly, and in most of the case the site was down only a couple of minutes
Here is more information about all issues on gitlab pages if you want to trace them

After that and seeing Cloudflare is now running a similar feature wanted to try it so I migrated this site to Cloudflare Pages

Easy to migrate

One of the best things of having a SSG site is the easy to migrate thingy
So following this guide I connected Cloudflare pages with my current gitlab repository and got it working in less than 3 min!? max

What happens when you migrate

By following the guide what will happen is that you create a new url for your site under the domain “”
The same way as Gitlab pages works and then you point your domain to that site
So you can have both sites working at the same time with the same code un different url one for cloudflare under “” another one for gitlab under “https://{user}{project}”
Cloudflare also will set webhook on your git project so it will start to build a new site every time you commit something
One extra feature, you will get a temporal url every time you commit in a different branch so you can check all changes before going to production and merge it to main


Because I already have my domain working on Cloudflare was really easy to migrate to use Cloudflare’s infrastructure, after the deployment of your site you can add a custom domain, write the domain in my case “” and they will do all modifications to the DNS once confirmation, just click next, next and enjoy it


Cloudflare offers way more security features than any other provider over there, it’s one of their main business
and most my sites are running through them in somehow sometimes because I register the site to use their DNS or sometimes because some providers use them to cache and proxy everything


They are in the top 5 of CDN worldwide and one of most the best seller if the performance services
They are good at it and you will notice as soon your start to use them

BTW: I’m not trying to sell Cloudflare, I don’t , its just a really good option if you want to run a site for free and a enterprise level performance